Sowing Seeds of Change: ACCT Visits Casa Imagina 

In May, the ACCT project team came together in the town of Alora, Spain, for our most recent Transnational Partner Meeting. This gathering, hosted by Imagina, served as a platform to celebrate our achievements to date and plan a course for the rest of the project. 

During our trip, we visited Casa Imagina – a community space for folks with mental and physical disabilities, where we had the pleasure of meeting the amazing volunteers, staff, and house members. We were led on a tour by the community members to hear about their day-to-day experiences. They took us through their house to hear about team building activities, their farming and gardening projects, and what it is like to be responsible for the care of the chickens and rabbits. Their garden was especially impressive, and we got to hear not just about the experience of growing vegetables in this community, but about our hosts’ interests and hobbies. We were even put to the test when one of the members shared his love for, and deep knowledge of, flags. This small moment was one of deep bonding for our consortium and the folks at Casa Imagina. 

Additionally, we explored the history of their work, gaining a deeper appreciation of their dedication and impact. IMAGINA was officially established on May 9, 2017, by young people aiming to address inclusion, gender equality, and combating racism and discrimination through innovative educational tools. Originally an informal group from 2015, IMAGINA promotes open collaboration and participation. The organization focuses on enhancing rural resources and using non-formal education to develop cultural expression, creativity, entrepreneurship, and language skills, helping young people, especially in rural areas, to foster values and regional development. 

Casa Imagina is an inspirational space where all can feel welcome and appreciated. The garden, full of life, and Casa Imagina as a whole, is an important example of what inclusion looks like for folks with experiences of discrimination – it’s truly a space where they are growing seeds of change. 

Looking Ahead:  

We are excited to announce two upcoming conferences that will play a crucial role in the next phase of the ACCT project in Berlin and Copenhagen this fall: 

  • European Outreach Event for policy makers in Berlin in Berlin, focusing on the extensive and impactful work being done in anti-racism. A key highlight of the conference will be the unveiling of the outcomes from the Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training (ACCT), presenting and discussing the Research Report & Policy 
    Recommendations, ACCT Curriculum, and our Online Platform. 
  • Shortly after, we will convene the European Civil Society Conference in Copenhagen. Crossing Borders and Union KBH are proud to host this dynamic conference dedicated to showcasing the diverse and impactful work being done locally in the field of anti-racism. This event will highlight local initiatives, exchange best practices, and reinforce civil society’s collective commitment to combating racism. This will be achieved through a keynote speech on the legal context of discrimination and racism in Denmark, a panel of local organizations involved in anti-racism work in different contexts, and varied performances to highlight artistic works that address these themes. 

Stay tuned for more developments as we continue developing new tools and educational opportunities for anti-racism and anti-discrimination. 

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