Our project, the Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training (ACCT), employs a comprehensive and intersectional methodology, along with targeted measures, to combat and prevent intolerance, racism, xenophobia, and discrimination.

Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training: A CERV EQUAL PROJECT

To promote equality and to fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination, the project “Anti-Racism and Civic Courage Training” (ACCT) uses comprehensive and intersectional approach to develop both an online and offline curriculum as educational tools to arm participants to fight against intolerance, racism, xenophobia, and discrimination and promote civic courage. We develop these trainings by exchanging methodologies and developing them together. ACCT brings together civil society organisations, activists and community leaders in these training activities throughout 5 countries that establish contact between groups affected to a different degree to train them on antiracism and civic courage in both urban and rural communities. 

During ACCT, community leaders are trained on already existing local documentation centres and reporting mechanisms for discriminatory events that are shared with participants and local partners. To do this, we bring together experts from different countries and create a report that compiles the local knowledges. This fact-based research informs the work we do and is shared with our communities and the online.  

Through a poster campaign, we have asked artists throughout the European Union to share their vision of a more inclusive society. The winning posters are available online at our web page for download and are readily available on all partner organizations Social Media. On March 21st 2024, The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, these posters will be spread throughout Germany and Denmark, at bus stops and metros stations, reaching millions of public transport riders. 

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