The consortium for the ACCT project

Comparative Research Network

The Comparative Research Network was founded in 2007 and has worked since then in the field of adult education and research. The CRN Network is specialised in training activities within the fields of intercultural competences, intergenerational learning, mobilities and migration.

Perspekt Initiative

Perspekt Initiative implements projects in schools, corporations, and associations. They offer trainings on antiracism, civil courage/rhetoric, and diversity. Their methods draw from studies in social psychology and peace and conflict research. Working together, they contribute to creating a vibrant, open-minded, democratic society.

Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders (CB) is a non-profit, civil society organization. Crossing Borders educates and empowers young people to become active global citizens. CB works to build and celebrate our world of diversity providing safe spaces for dialogue and change.


Imagina contributes to the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable society by promoting equality in rural areas. This done by developing ideas and projects to work with youth and citizens on essential issues such as the inclusion of differently abled people, gender equality, the fight against racism and xenophobia, ecology using innovative and educational tools, the enhancement of resources in their rural area, and learning through Non-Formal Education methodologies.

Dla Ziemi

Stowarzyszenie "Dla Ziemiā€ wants refugees and migrants to feel safe in the Lublin region, just like at home. That is why, since 2009, they have been teaching Polish, organizing vocational courses, compensatory classes for children, employing cultural assistants, going on trips together, meeting women from rural organizations, and conducting intercultural activities with refugee women, for children and school youth from the Lublin region.

The Association on Refugees and Migrants

The Association on Refugees and Migrants in Bulgaria (ARM-BG), is a registered Charity, partnering over the years many organizations, and was established in the year of 2000 as a social innovation and inter-cultural forum, research & training institute and legal instrument for exploring, communicating and protecting the rights and life space of Bulgarian and EU old (ethnic minorities) as well as new minorities (refugees & migrants).
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