ACCT Poster Campaign:

Visions for a More Inclusive Society

Introducing the Winners

Here are the three outstanding winners from the ACCT Poster Competition! These artists, hailing from different corners of Europe, have contributed powerful designs that reflect the values of anti-racism and civic courage. Their work will be prominently featured in our ACCT Awareness Campaign, reaching diverse audiences both online and offline.

Find out more about the posters, the artists, and download them below! Feel free to use these posters as a resource in you own anti-racism work – display them at home, in your classroom, office, or in any space you see fit.

Anna Michalik

Originally from Łososina Górna, Poland; currently resides in Kraków

About the Poster: "I wanted to show that skin color does not change anything."

Dominika Czaja

Torun, Poland

About the Poster: "Every person deserves equal treatment. I hope that my posters will make you see that each of us is the same and deserves happiness."

Lucía Escudero García

Zalea, Pizarra, province of Malaga, Spain

About the Poster: "I want to emphasize the value of empathy for those who suffer any form of discrimination, focusing on racism. I dream of an inclusive society, and I know it's possible if we all want to be a part of it."

Share with us your vision for a more inclusive and equal society that fights against racism, xenophobia, and discrimination.
We will choose the top posters to be displayed in both our print and digital campaigns, including public transportation in Germany and Denmark, and reposted on all 6 partner organizations’ Social Media with your social media handle and name(if desired).

To enter: Publish your poster (A4 size) on your social media account*(IG, FB, LinkedIn) and tag any or all of the 6 partner organizations,  and the following hashtags: #ACCT #CivicCourage #antiracism #nohate  #ACCTpostercampaign. *If you do not want to submit via social media, you may send us an email at OR enter in the submission form below.

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